Welcome to Vizit!

With Vizit, you can easily create virtual apartment tours from any floor plan with only a few clicks, and share them with your potential clients to give them an amazing experience which can significantly increase your sales.

Congratulations! You’ve uploaded your first floor plan into Vizit – and your virtual tour is ready.

As soon as your tour is ready, Vizit will automatically create a special mini-site that you can share with potential clients to help drive more interest and assist with sales. However, in order to maximize your selling potential, it’s recommended that you take a few minutes to input additional details into your mini-site, making it more user-friendly and more inviting for potential buyers.

The more details you add, the easier it becomes for your potential buyers to understand the location, amenities, and various merits of your apartment.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Creating a Unit tour

As you log into Vizit and check your unit, you’ll see that apart from the initial unit’s name, you have a lot of blank space where you can start adding more info.

Click the “add more information” button and you’ll see the drop-down of various options of info you can add, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, apartment size, starting price and a general description.

As you fill out these details, try to be as specific as possible and give out as much info as you can.

Remember – knowledge is power, and knowledgeable prospects have a higher chance of converting into buyers!

After you’ve filled out the initial details, it’s time to start adding media. Again – be as specific as you can. Upload various angles of the apartment, different rooms, the view from the balcony and more.

An image is worth a 1000 words (so they say) – so try to add at least 4-5 good images that showcase the benefits of your property.

Once you’re done uploading images, your mini-site is complete!

However, before you can start sharing the tour, it’s time to define your housing project, which the unit is a part of.

This is a crucial step as it allows you to add more general information about the project, to give potential buyers more insights into the project, the neighborhood, number of available units and more.

Creating a Project

Once the unit is ready, it’s time to assign it to a project. Start by creating a new project and giving it a meaningful name.
Again, you’ll see a blank space where you can define many of the parameters and input a lot of info about the project.

Start by defining the project’s stage – so potential buyers can understand the timeline of the project.

Once you’ve defined the project’s stage, it’s time to add additional details. Here you can fill out the property’s address (which will automatically populate your tours with Google Maps and Street View), the project’s type, how many buildings and units are available for sale, and a general description of the project.

Again, try to be as specific as possible and tell potential buyers why this is a great property.

After you’ve added all info, it’s again time to add some images.

Again – be as specific as you can. Upload images of the building, the surrounding neighborhood, parking space and more.

Finally, it’s time to assign the unit previously created into the project.

Click the “+” icon on the right hand side to open the assign menu.

Great! You’re now ready for the final stage.

Wrapping Up

Click on the “Start tour” button to see your live mini-site!

Note the different tabs available. A potential buyer can tour the apartment via the “Vizit” tab, see the photos you’ve uploaded, and also see a map or a street view of the neighborhood.

Together with the details you’ve supplied, potential buyers now have all of the knowledge they need in order to decide if they’re interested or not!

Once they decide they’re interested, they can easily click on “I’m interested” button at the top of the page and leave you their contact details for a personal follow-up.

That’s it – you’re almost done!

The only thing left to do is go back to Vizit’s dashboard and locate the “share” button.

From the “share” menu you can share your mini site directly into various social networks, send an email, or take your personal link and use it wherever you see fit.

Sharing your mini-site is the best way to expose it to new customers and start getting more property visits and potential sales!

Over time, as clients tour your property, you can dive into your analytics dashboard and see what they are looking at, and how to improve your property’s listing – so you can sell better and smarter. But more on that in a different blog post.

That’s it – you’re good to go! Go ahead and optimize your first mini site, and happy selling!

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