Congratulations to you if you have decided to buy a home for your family. It is a big financial decision of your life and you would do well to take a close look at the property before making the decision of buying it. It is easier to examine the structure form inside and outside when you buy a resale property, but the task becomes difficult if your decision is based upon what the builder or developers tells you about a project under construction.

There is so much to look and compare. Not only are you paying a high price for a condo in a new project, you are also taking a risk in the sense that it is an untested and unknown entity. You also likely must wait for a while after signing the contract as your dream home gets built. Here are 5 thing you must check before buying a new apartment.

1. Check the site physically

It is very important to pay a visit to the site of construction to get the real feel of the location. It gives you a clear picture of the neighborhood you are going to live in and the kind of amenities you can expect once you start living there. Do not forget to talk to people living in the area to get some knowledge of the conditions. The layout of the building looks different on paper than what you see on the ground. Many times, the mere location and the entry and exit points from the community are so poor that it is not advisable to buy the condo in the project. This is where physical visit to the site of construction becomes so important.

2. Ask for a virtual tour

Take help of technology to get the real feel of the apartment by asking for virtual tours. These tours provide not just 360 degrees views of the property from inside but also provide stunning aerial views to get a clear idea of what you will get for your money. By undertaking a virtual tour, you can feel like you are physically inside the property without going there. Note down all the features and fixtures that are shown to you in the virtual tour by the builder to raise the issue if you do not find them when the apartment is finally handed over to you. Find a builder who do provide this facility, because using it may have a great influence on your decision whether to buy the property or not.

3. Examine the actual living space you are getting

Builders very cleverly include area of the common areas when mentioning the square footage of the apartment they are trying to sell. Builders talk about super built up area and not the actual living space inside a condominium. Carpet area of a condominium generally described as 1000 sq ft usually turns out to be around 700 sq ft after you get the possession. So, do not be fooled by the advertisement that says you will get a 1000 sq ft condo as you will get 30% less living space. Make sure you check what direction does the natural light in your new home is coming from. Even in case where there is a model apartment, it may face another direction than your home is facing.

Ask about the escape route during an emergency, it is a matter of life. Also ask what is the policy regarding pets? parties? smoking? Make sure you ask all the questions you can think of, since that is what your daily life will look like.

4. Check out the infrastructure plan of the builder

No matter how beautiful your apartment is, you cannot live in a building with poor infrastructure surrounding it. You must ask questions regarding amenities that are available near your condominium. Are there good quality shops, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities etc near the project? Is there any mass transit project coming up close to the building in future? Presence of good infrastructure around the building makes sure that you can sell your property at good prices in future. In the absence of basic amenities and shopping and dining facilities, it is not worthwhile to invest such a huge amount on buying a home even if the apartment itself seems wonderful.

5. Visualize yourself living inside with your family

Most buyers make the mistake of getting lost in the aesthetically pleasing features of the apartment whereas they should focus more upon functionality. When visiting the apartment, look at the layout and how the rooms have been separated. Do you have a small baby in your family? If yes, then you do not want the kids’ room to be near the front door as you want the baby to sleep peacefully without any noises. What do you see when you open the window of your bedroom? If you are not getting pleasant views as promised, there is no need to sign the contract with the builder. You should have your family’s requirements in your mind when visiting the apartment. If you find the division of rooms hampering with your lifestyle, you can ask for a change of layout. Look at the position of the laundry room whether it is comfortable for your family or not.

If you keep these important things in mind, your decision of buying a new construction condominium is likely to be beneficial and rewarding for you.

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