Today’s consumers expect rich and relevant experiences. Real Estate Marketing and Sales professionals have to step up their personalization game to meet customer needs in today’s competitive market. Personalization is the gold standard In today’s business world, personalizing your customer experience is pretty standard practice. According to a report by Forrester, a whopping 89% of […]

Welcome to Vizit! With Vizit, you can easily create virtual apartment tours from any floor plan with only a few clicks, and share them with your potential clients to give them an amazing experience which can significantly increase your sales. Congratulations! You’ve uploaded your first floor plan into Vizit – and your virtual tour is […]

Traditionally, the real estate business works like this: a real estate agent provides clients with an extensive list of properties. Once the clients choose out of that list, they ask questions and negotiate until finally visiting the homes and apartments. This process has remained the same for a long time. But this process is time-consuming […]